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Aviation Adventures, Stories, Poems, Etc.

Along the way during 30 years of flying oddball and out of the ordinary aircraft, there have been a few times when the prospect of writing a humorous or adventurous story arose out of one flight or another. Most of the time it was because I'd gotten myself into something so ridiculous that it was humorous. Other times it was something that was too preposterous to be taken too seriously, but there I was in the middle of it anyway.


 The object being displayed by yours truly is the actual landing gear (wheel assembly) of the aircraft, which had just been forcibly torn out of the glider due to landing on a road near Cantil, CA which was about five feet narrower than the airplane's wingspan.

My experiences flying exotic competition sailplanes (gliders) in the early 1980’s, plus one lonely night sleeping in the glider operations office at California City airport, with a couple of belts of whiskey as a catalyst… resulted in a handful of emotional poems being scribbled down all at once. Some interesting and difficult cross country ferry flights bringing home antique aircraft over the years became fodder for a few other stories. An engine failure on takeoff (bringing the world’s busiest general aviation airport to a standstill) was too good to pass up, so another story was written. Hopefully there will be more adventures and more stories in the future, but for now here are a few.


(Note: For the purposes of any FAA or NTSB enforcement activities, these stories are all completely fictitious, and any alleged witnesses to any of the fictitious events reported in these imaginary stories have vanished into black SUV’s escorted by people with earphones)


I’m also including a brilliant short story/ article that was written by the great humorist and television personality Steve Allen, partly as a tribute to him, partly to keep a promise I made to him one night, and partly because it is every bit as important of an article now as it was years ago when he wrote it.


 This photo wound up on the front page photo of the local newspaper in Santa Clarita, California in 1988. Yours truly had something fly off of the front of an experimental aircraft and break off part of the propeller. After a very quick (and correct) decision to shut the engine off in-flight, we just glided down to land softly in a dry riverbed without any damage. The smart-ass quote I gave the reporter was that the incident was... ' more of an inconvenience than a hazard' !

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