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Aviation: The Greatest Adventure For Your Kids and For You !


The Young Eagles Program - Give Your Kids the Greatest Gift They Will Ever Get !


Please take a minute and learn about the EAA Young Eagles program, which as given well over one million free educational flights to kids around the world. This is a youth outreach, an educational program, an anti-drug program, a healthy lifestyle program, and an all-around win-win scenario… with no downside and nothing being sold or promoted to the kids or parents!


      The Young Eagles program is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political youth outreach whose sole purpose is to get young people interested in aviation... to help create tomorrow’s generations of pilots. They get a free, no-obligation educational flight in a small aircraft. They also get an open door to a rewarding future in science, technology. They get an open door to careers in aerospace, military and civilian aviation, engineering, and other positive lifestyle options. Interest in aviation leads kids to stay in school, stay out of gangs and drugs, reach for and achieve goals, etc. The flights are free of charge or obligation, available through local EAA chapters worldwide. To learn more about EAA’s Young Eagles program visit . The Young Eagles program is endorsed by the FAA, several leading company sponsors, and celebrity program chairpersons such as actors Harrison Ford and Cliff Robertson, and USAF General Chuck Yeager.


YOU Can Fly Too! Live Your Dream Sooner and Cheaper Than You Thought!


  Build and fly your own personal plane for less than the cost of an average car !!!  ”   That’s the type of headline we’ve all seen in magazines like Popular Mechanics and Popular Science for years. You turn the page, convinced that it’s some kind of scam, or a project that requires you to be a rocket scientist to accomplish. Here’s the "catch" - The part about an average do-it-yourselfer building a safe airplane, for less than the price of a used car, in less than a year of spare time… is completely TRUE !


      If you have average mechanical skills and enjoy working with wood, or pop rivets and sheet aluminum, or steel, or fiberglass – there is a safe, easy to build airplane that you can put together in your garage and fly yourself. There are hundreds of different personal airplanes you can build with average skills and a bare minimum of special tools… and fly with safety. These designs are proven, well-engineered, and licensed by the FAA. Many designs have hundreds of successful completed examples by home-builders around the world (a few specific types have had thousands built and flown!).


      If you're one of the many people who always dreamed of learning how to fly, or owning your own plane, take a few minutes and see for yourself that it can be done easily, quickly, and for less cost than you would have believed. First, check out the thousands of people around the world that have completed their own aircraft. Then, you’re in for more good news… there is a local chapter of EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) near you, that offers education, support and kinship with others in your area. Visit, the dream of flying is within your reach today. Do it before you regret not doing it.


 SkyJeep on Remote Island :: This is the unique Zenair 701 'SkyJeep' on pontoon floats, exploring a tiny remote island in French Polynesia. This aircraft was specially designed to operate from very small clearings on wheels, or small lakes on floats. The aircraft can be built using basic hand tools in 6 months from a factory do-it-yourself kit!

Do you want to take your family to remote back country camping and fishing adventures in a two or four seat “Sky-Jeep” bushplane – that you put together as a family project in only 6 months of spare time using only a pop rivet gun and basic hand tools? Land this all-metal, back-country-tough Sky-Jeep on only a hundred feet of dirt road. Click here to see hundreds of two and four seat Sky-Jeeps that have been doing just that around the world! !



 Volksplane 1 :: The classic Volksplane, which can be built for only a few thousand bucks, delivers unmatched value for the basic fun flyer


Do you want to build the most basic, simple “runabout” aircraft that’s proven safe for 40 years, powered by a cheap Volkswagen engine, and get it flying for only a few thousand bucks? Click here to be one of hundreds who have built the classic cost-effective Volksplane!



 Ferrari of the Air! :: Stelio Frati's design masterpiece, the Falco, is richly deserving of the title for its performance, handling, and looks. There is no more elegant or worthwhile expression of the master woodworker's art and passion... than building and flying the magnificent Falco!




 Do you want to have a "flying Ferrari"... zipping along at over 200 MPH... a masterpiece you built out of the finest wood that's nothing short of a flying work of art?  If you have the skills to build a nice wooden boat, you can build the magnificent Italian-design Falco, and be the envy of every pilot at any airport around the world when you touch down! Click here to discover what will surely be the accomplishment of a lifetime!



 Taylorcraft :: A beautifully restored 1946 Taylorcraft by Don Claude. The T-craft takes two people on a journey back in time, but it is also a 95 MPH traveling machine that can take off and land safely in less than 500 feet of runway or grass field.

Do you love antiques? How about breathing life back into a priceless historical artifact… restoring and rebuilding a relic from the past and then flying it around to antique fly-ins! For the price of an average used car, you can purchase a 1940’s vintage Taylorcraft project, and lovingly restore it to pristine flying condition. Be part of an enthusiastic community of antique airplane lovers, keeping history alive for future generations. Visit the Taylorcraft Foundation Forum to learn more.