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The Monster of the Blank Page!

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He haunts the lives of web designers, programmers, website owners, bloggers and business people, bringing with him the horrifying reality that no matter how colorful the website... no matter how good the product is or how relevant their message...  you have to get rid of him first.


But when you try to remove him from your screen, a cold lonely chill envelops you.

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Don't you wish somebody could kill this bastard for you? *


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Business Communications / Website Content
In business, how well you send your message determines if, when, and how the other party responds... it's that simple.
  • Some writing needs to engage the reader to get them interested in reading the rest
  • Some writing needs to entertain them while convincing them to buy something
  • Some writing needs to position you as a company not to be taken lightly
  • Sometimes... your writing even has to be offensive and put the other party "up against the wall"

Whether you're sending a letter of inquiry to a potential affiliate, or a proposal to capture new business, or explaining to the general public why they need your service... getting the right response from your communications is critical to achieving your goals. Getting the response you want means that your message has to actually convince the other party to respond the way you want.


Also, the quality of your communications is what creates and maintains your image and identity in the business world. When someone reads your letters or browses your website... what image do they have in their mind? Does your company sound important... clever... formidable... experienced? Do you project integrity and strength?


Or do your written materials make you sound less professional on some level?


Large successful companies have an entire communications department, to make sure their writing projects the best or the right image. Most small businesses of course don't have the resources for this, but the small companies are the ones that need to project a successful image the most ! GrantStar has an answer that works for small business.


We offer professional caliber written materials, correspondence, "collateral materials", solicitations and website content on a consultant basis. Whether you need conservative "gray suit" letters and web copy, or attention-getting announcements, or when a letter has to "stare down" an opponent in the marketplace... we have the talent and experience to position your company for the desired response.


Take a look through these business communications samples that were used in some normal and not -so-normal business situations...


Press Releases

Hobby product to introduce kids to model building
Aircraft performance upgrade product
Helicopter product performs under extreme conditions
WW2 fighter plane replica kit for home construction


Web Content / Copywriting

"About our company" website content early business website days
Small construction company very basic website content
Small construction patio cover company basic website content 
Hard-Sell website sales content, self-improvement "dating guru"
"About Me" web content for business consultant
Website sales content, promoting specialty photographer


Business Letters
Sample Building Variance Proposal

Sample Ass-Kisser Letter to Politician
Sample Strong "Back Off" Letter to Law Firm
Sample Employer Back Salary Owed  Demand Letter