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Newsletters for Charities, Products, Clubs and Business

We published an illustrated monthly newsletter for a local aviation club for 15 years. GrantStar now offers this same high-value service to community non-profit organizations, clubs and for-profit importers and manufacturers.

A newsletter is the primary link (and often the only link) between members of an organization and the group’s leadership. Newsletters can serve many critical purposes, ranging from simple news to compelling the membership to take action. Club, special-interest and non-profit organization newsletters have to keep participants and donors informed and excited about their mission, otherwise the membership will soon lose interest in participating.

A good newsletter will keep a community organization alive during periods of financial difficulty, unfavorable political conditions,
periods of leadership turnover, etc.

Company-based and product-specific newsletters serve a vital function in building brand loyalty, increasing repeat sales, introducing and promoting new products. Customer loyalty within a community of enthusiasts is always a high priority for savvy manufacturers and marketers... a newsletter can be a great tool to build that loyalty.


Whether a traditional printed paper newsletter or a website-based version, an effective newsletter quickly becomes the key factor in establishing a supportive customer community. Delivering your company’s message to established or potential customers becomes remarkably cost-effective through a newsletter.


Here are some samples of a medium size illustrated non-profit club newsletter written and published for a local chapter of a national non-profit aviation club :

Click here for Sample Newsletter #1
Click here for Sample Newsletter #2

Click here for Sample Newsletter #3

Click here for Sample Newsletter #4

Click here for Sample Newsletter #5


Note: This aviation club and hundreds of local chapters have given almost 2 million free educational airplane rides to kids worldwide! See the Aviation Adventures page for EAA and the Young Eagles program, for more information on how your kids can take the first step towards their dreams of flight!