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You've Found GrantStar's Secret Sales Materials Lab!

GrantStar's custom sales materials lab is our equivalent of "Groom Lake / Area 51", a black project separate from our "normal" grant proposal and business communications work! Here's where super-clever "outside the box" custom sales presentation flipcharts, website sales content, and highly specialized problem-solver and competition-killer documents are created for sales companies.


Successful companies know that really strong sales materials, advertising copy, sales presentations, website copy, etc. is how people decide whether their company is legit or not. They've researched it thoroughly... they’ve had "psych warfare" experts calculate exactly how important it is. Because it works, they spend big bucks to have an ad agency or marketing company create those top quality materials. They know that having better sales materials results in more sales. If they didn’tmake big money by using them, they wouldn’t spend big money to get them.


Of course most small companies can’t pay for a big advertising or marketing company. So they send their sales reps out withjunk sales materials. Or they live with junk website copy that makes them look bad. Better sales materials mean more sales, better web content makes you more legitimate in the market !


Can great sales materials really do the impossible ?

  • Is it possible to “sell termites to a wooden Indian”?, CLICK HERE
  • Is it possible to "sell ice to an Eskimo"?, CLICK HERE
  • Can you actually make someone want to go see a used car dealer?,  CLICK HERE.


Now your small business can have really good sales materials for far less than the cost of hiring a big ad/marketing company! GrantStar's Custom Sales Materials Lab creates :


Sample Sales Presentations / Sales Flipcharts
Sales presentation flip-chart, paver stones 
Sales presentation flip-chart, texture-coating

Sales Letters 
Long-Form sales letter, self-help "dating guru" 
Request letter to FAA for aircraft company
Sales solicitation letter, aircraft services company 
Request letter, county board of commissioners

Sample Advertising Copy / Concepting

Helicopter product company magazine ad 1 of 3 
Helicopter product company magazine ad 2 of 3

Helicopter product company magazine ad 3 of 3
Helicopter product company ad concept / mock-up 
Helicopter product company ad concept / mock-up

Sample Brochure Copy
Brochure to generate calls to used car dealer

Sample Problem-Solvers and Competition-Killers
Problem-solver "FREE Estimate! sheet" 
Competition-killer leave-behind sheet 
Competition-killer product comparison

Sample FAQ and “Top 10 Reasons”
"Top 10 Benefits" sheet 
Grantwriting info / FAQ sheet