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Technical Writing / Instruction Manuals

GrantStar also offers another specialized service, creating photo-illustrated instruction manuals for business, resellers, manufacturers, and importers of consumer goods (non-software). This is a unique service that very few writers or communications companies can offer.


     How many times have you looked at the instructions for some imported product, and it says something  totally ridiculous like "Glue the dog to the bumper with correct fixture, being observant not to disrupt the improbable" ?

                                           No legitimate company wants  people to laugh at their products


     Whether printed on paper or used as website content, the instructions are the only communication the customer gets from you during the assembly or use of the product. A good instruction manual creates a better overall experience for the customer, it stops the phone from ringing at the customer support desk, it reduces complaints and returns, and creates repeat customers. 


     Making something that's complicated a little bit easier to understand is one thing, but showing a novice how to properly put the complicated thing together in the first place… that can be a big challenge.  Good instructions can make the difference of being able to sell a cheap product as an average product or being able to sell an average product as a better product. Can GrantStar do it? You can take it for Grant ed !


Good instructions are always the biggest improvement a manufacturer can make,
at the lowest cost of any improvement over the life of the product

     Here are just a few samples of product assembly and specialized instruction manuals provided to customers over the years. All copyright, ownership and trademarks are retained by the manufacturer/my customer. No reproduction or other use is authorized.


  • Radio controlled hobby model aircraft / boats / cars       click here #1  #2  #3
  •  FAA-approved aircraft modification instructions             click here #1  #2
  • Surgeon’s operation guide for an artificial knee joint       click here #1 
  • Atomic self-setting alarm clock                                     click here #1
  • Installation manual for off-road race car transmission     click here #1

     On the R/C model airplane manuals, I had to create the assembly manual from nothing more than a box of prototype parts. The correct assembly sequence was determined, digital photographs were taken, and a complete illustrated user/assembly/operation manual was written from a clean sheet of paper (complete with parts layout, safety warnings, disclaimers, etc.).