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Who is Lorem Ipsum anyway?

The Monster of the Blank Page!

Lorem Ipsum
was a once-brilliant Latin scholar, who went to the dark side and became the scourge of all who must write... he's the monster that inhabits every document template until you vanquish him
with actual content.


He haunts the lives of web designers, programmers, website owners, bloggers and business people, bringing with him the horrifying reality that no matter how colorful the website... no matter how good the product is or how relevant their message...  you have to get rid of him first.


But when you try to remove him from your screen, a cold lonely chill envelops you.

The wind howls with malevolence, through twisted tree-letters and punctuation shaped shrubs that refuse to make sense of themselves. You’re doomed.

You'll die a lonely, miserable death, desperate to come up with worthwhile content to fill the blank white prison around you.

As the deadline for your project marches toward you with demented glee, an eerie voice begins to chant, taunting you over and over from within the hellish depths of the computer screen.... "Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet..."


Don't you wish somebody could kill this bastard for you? *


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