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Who is Lorem Ipsum anyway?

The Monster of the Blank Page!

Lorem Ipsum
was a once-brilliant Latin scholar, who went to the dark side and became the scourge of all who must write... he's the monster that inhabits every document template until you vanquish him
with actual content.


He haunts the lives of web designers, programmers, website owners, bloggers and business people, bringing with him the horrifying reality that no matter how colorful the website... no matter how good the product is or how relevant their message...  you have to get rid of him first.


But when you try to remove him from your screen, a cold lonely chill envelops you.

The wind howls with malevolence, through twisted tree-letters and punctuation shaped shrubs that refuse to make sense of themselves. You’re doomed.

You'll die a lonely, miserable death, desperate to come up with worthwhile content to fill the blank white prison around you.

As the deadline for your project marches toward you with demented glee, an eerie voice begins to chant, taunting you over and over from within the hellish depths of the computer screen.... "Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet..."


Don't you wish somebody could kill this bastard for you? *


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Who is This Guy ?

GrantStar, The Bill of Writes, Custom Sales Materials Lab, Soaring Rhetoric, and Victor Bravo Air Racing are all me, depending on the time of day. But you can still just call me Bill. If you just can’t live without knowing all about the smart-aleck that writes this stuff, be my guest.


But do you really want to know my entire life story? Think about it first, it probably has nothing to do with why you're looking through this website. I make no apology for the length and detail of the stories you'll run into after you venture past this point... you asked for it !

Part 1: Past Life


I was born and raised a poor farm boy, in a shack near the banks of the Mississippi…

Well, not exactly.

I was actually born and raised in Beverly Hills, near the banks on Wilshire Boulevard. Your intrepid author grew up in a shack that was actually a genuine “Beverly Hills 90210” mansion. My dad was the world’s first television superstar, Milton Berle, who had achieved fame, fortune, and infamy in show business starting waaay back in silent movies (really!).

I attended several private and upscale public schools, including Carl Curtis School, Le LyceeFrancais, and Hawthorne Elementary School, finally graduating the "real" Beverly Hills High School in 1979.

I earned a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts/Career Aviation from Cal State University, Northridge in 1986 after an unhappy 3 month stint at Arizona State University (and after a very happy 30 month technical education at West L. A. College aircraft mechanic program).

Although I definitely enjoyed many privileges and advantages most people don’t get, life has a way of making sure you pay the same amount of dues as everyone else. Years of not having to live in the same “real world” everyone else does, years of not having to find work, and years of not learning how to "look out for yourself"... is a time bomb that will always blow up sooner or later.

“The Good Life” became the Past Life soon after my beloved mother Ruth Berle passed away in April 1989.

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